Our Early Days

// During the summer of love in 1967,
Dave Furano, a well-known Rock 'n' Roll concert tour promoter (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead), accepted a management position for the emerging San Francisco rock emporium named Winterland. Four years into his position, Dave invited his brother Dell to join him and learn the business. Shortly after his arrival, the Rolling Stones were set to appear at Winterland, and Dell saw an opportunity to merchandise around the concert. He took a collection of psychedelic t-shirts and stenciled "Rolling Stones" on them. After selling hundreds of t-shirts, Dave and Dell formed Winterland Productions, and merchandising in the Rock 'n' Roll business was born.

A few years later, while on tour with John Denver, Dave met Peter Morton of Hard Rock Café. They agreed that if Dave could provide guitars and rock memorabilia to display in his venues, Peter would buy some t-shirts. Ultimately, "some" turned into "millions" and Dave joked that he someday wanted to own a Rock 'n' Roll restaurant where he could also sell t-shirts.

If you're seeking flavor and quality, look no further than Rock & Brews. Classic comfort foods and unique craft beers with a rock 'n' roll vibe.

Peace, Love & An American Restaurant

Fast forward to 2010, and Dave's quiet passion started to become a reality. When he, his brother, and restaurateur extraordinaire Michael Zislis got together for a KISS concert, an idea was planted. While hanging backstage after the concert drinking beer in the company of legendary KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Dave casually said, "What's better than rock and brews?" A spontaneous brainstorming session ensued, engaging the minds, talents, and creative energies of the five friends. Bound together by their love of rock music, great beer, and outstanding food, Rock & Brews was born.

Combining concert, branding, and restaurant experiences, the Rock & Brews brand is redefining the family restaurant culture and is poised for worldwide expansion.