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Specializing in Scratch Fare & Unique Local Brews

// Since 2010
Rock & Brews undeniably knows that the best and most satisfying food is found in burger joints, pizzerias, and brewpubs. Through extensive travel, our founders have discovered this to be universal. That's why we are dedicated to bringing our local neighborhoods unique and satisfying cuisine. Our food is made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients to provide a dining experience that is both enjoyable and feels good. We toss in some classic Rock 'n' Roll for good measure, because it's not only in our name—it's part of our soul.

Classics with a New Spin

Rock & Brews food options include non-traditional selections and creative spins on the standards. We create our menu items from scratch, using fresh ingredients from the local community. Our beer selection caters to the craft beer movement and includes unique options from down the street, as well as traditional choices from around the world. To say we redefine the family restaurant might be a bold statement, but we've gladly accepted the challenge. We also specialize in craft cocktails and offer a wide selection to choose from.

We Spin it Right

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Rock & Brews puts a creative spin on everything that comes out of our kitchen, down to the tiniest details. We specialize in creating menu options that not only taste great but are consciously created with community in mind. Our establishment prepares all our cuisine in scratch kitchens, using the freshest, most flavorful ingredients we can get our hands on. 
We don't just feed your appetite, we feed your soul.

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Patio Dining

Rock & Brews sets itself apart from other casual dining restaurants by:

Providing American classics with a unique take, incorporating fresh, locally sourced ingredients, training and empowering our staff with food and beer knowledge, rocking a killer soundtrack every day, and making all food from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. Come rock with us today.

Rock & Brews' eclectic menu consists of:

Vegetarian and gluten-free choices
Low calorie and diet-conscious options
Classic yet original favorites
Unique non-traditional selections

The Best Beer Selection in Town

Beer is a big part of Rock & Brews' identity. Not only is it the perfect companion to rock music, it also pairs well with many of our menu options. We offer a vast selection of unique local brews plus traditional favorites from around the world. We understand that not everyone is a beer fan, and— though we question that logic—we also offer an excellent selection of wines, craft cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic options.

Rock & Brews' eclectic rotating beer menu includes:
IPAs • Stouts • Pale Ales • Ambers • Blondes • Sours • ...and More!

Beer Lovers' Paradise

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Rock & Brews is a huge proponent of locally sourced products—especially those that are fermented. We like to provide beer connoisseurs an opportunity to expand their palates and local beer brewers a chance to flaunt their craftsmanship. We offer frequent special events to highlight our favorite local brewers. Our tap list is continually rotating based on the season, and we always have options for beer fanatics of all kinds.

We Know Our Hops

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Rock & Brews strongly believes beer is synonymous with comfort food. Our food menu consists of classic options with original spins. A large part of our dining journey involves pairing particular beers with specific foods to enhance their flavor profiles, providing an optimal experience. Our incredible staff of servers and bartenders is thoroughly knowledgeable and happy to make recommendations based on your preferences. We love to talk about beer, so ask us questions. We probably have the answer—and we definitely have the beer.

We frequently rotate our beer taps in order to bring you the best selections in the area!