Why Dark Beer Is More Popular In The Fall

Why Dark Beer Is More Popular In The Fall

Have you ever wondered why dark beer seems more popular during the later months of the year, or why certain beers are generally paired with decadent, savory meals? While the answer generally isn’t science-based, there are a few reasons as to why avid beer lovers tend to favor a darker brew during this time of year. In the spirit of all things hoppy, we’ve broken down a few different types of dark beer below, explaining some of the history and reasoning for these choices. Once you’re finished, you can find each type of brew at your local Rock and Brews -- including the timeless classic, and our beer of the month, Guinness!

Types of Popular Dark Beer


Oktoberfest is arguably the most popular beer-related holiday in the world -- so it makes sense that there is a dedicated beer for the occasion! These darker colored, amber brews are typically found throughout Fall and Winter, because around the holiday is when they’re most enjoyed. These beers typically carry a bit more age than your average lager, and also boast a higher than average alcohol content. Most importantly, they pair well with Oktoberfest themed foods, and look very appealing in a 1L stein.

Pumpkin Beer

Typically, fall means pumpkin-flavored everything. And while many consumers opt for a pumpkin pick me up in the morning, the real enthusiasts are grabbing a pumpkin flavored brew to drink alongside their meals throughout the latter part of the year. Brewed with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and more, these heavier beers are usually favored for a dessert-like finish after a big meal, or to enjoy at the end of the night.


Ah, yes, the traditional stout, the darkest of them all. Often brewed with a robust, sometimes chocolatey, sometimes coffee-like flavor, the stout has been a favorite beer for many hop enthusiasts for centuries. The full-bodied taste and aroma that comes with a stout makes it the perfect beer for both fall, winter, and whenever else! It pairs nicely with desserts, appetizers, and entrees alike. Oh and did we mention our current beer of the month is Guinness?

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