The Authentic Merch Shop is Open!

The Authentic Merch Shop is Open!

Rock & Brews® has launched it’s first dedicated retail store in partnership with the San Manuel Casino.

At a ceremony yesterday led by tribal members and general manager Loren Gill, we opened the Authentic Merch Shop. A roughly twelve hundred square foot dedicated retail space on the second floor of the San Manuel Casino. The shop features a range of curated merchandise including officially licensed music apparel, fashion pieces from the likes of Affliction and Jack Of All Trades to fine art prints and collectible wall art and one of a kind music memorabilia.The shop is located on the newly designed rock themed second floor of San Manuel and is featured along side an expanded Rock & Brews® Restaurant as well as the Tropical Storm bar and Chingon Lopez restaurant.

New Merch Shop In The San Manuel Casino

New Rock And Brews Merch Shop Opened In San Manuel Casino

Roughly Twelve Hundred Square Foot Of Retail Space

Grand Opening Flyer For The New Rock And Brews Merch Store