Market Watch Magazine Features Rock & Brews!

Market Watch Magazine Features Rock & Brews!

Market Watch Magazine, the primary resource for business information about the drinks industry, has featured Rock & Brews in its latest issue. With a reach of over 135,000 people, Market Watch Magazine is a true influencer in today’s spirits, wine and beer industry.

Rock & Brews Crew With Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley

Market Watch’s Laura Pelner: The concept of Rock & Brews is simple: good food and drinks in a relaxed and approachable atmosphere that highlights rock ‘n’ roll music and memorabilia. The idea isn’t new, but at Rock & Brews it’s being executed in a way that hasn’t been tried before. As a result, the chain is enjoying a level of success that’s uncommon for young restaurant companies today.

Rock & Brews launched in 2012 in Southern California. Its five founding partners are something of a dream team: restaurant and hotel entrepreneur Michael Zislis, rock stars Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from the band Kiss, and concert industry and merchandising veteran brothers Dave and Dell Furano. Together, the partners have grown Rock & Brews from a single unit four years ago to 15 locations today, with annual revenues projected to hit $70 million in 2016 and growth plans that aim to more than double the chain’s national footprint over the next few years…

LAX Terminal 5 Location

“Rock & Brews works everywhere because classic rock works everywhere,” Zislis says. “Growth is our goal–thoughtful expansion while making sure we don’t dilute the brand. We deliver great food and have a big beer selection. Our quality is key. We aim to be better than the sea of sameness.”

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