Anthony G, Gets His P-H-B!

Anthony G, Gets His P-H-B!

Congratulations to Anthony Games, Rock & Brews 1st Company Cicerone! Anthony has been with us since the beginning and works pint and day with company founder and head brewmaster, Michael Zislis on developing R&B’s signature and innovative beer systems. According to The Certified Cicerone® must have detailed knowledge of retail beer storage and service issues, excellent knowledge of modern beers and styles with some familiarity with beer history and historical styles, competence in identifying flawed beers and recognizing appropriate and in-appropriate flavors in modern beer styles, good understanding of the beer ingredients and familiarity with the brewing process and its common variations plus knowledge of beer pairing principles and the ability to recommend reasonable beer pairings for common foods.

Anthony G.

Anthony And Gene Simmons

Anthony And Missy At Rocktoberfest