Rock & Baggin's! Happy Hobbit Day!

Rock & Baggin's! Happy Hobbit Day!

Did you know today (September 22) is Bilbo and Frodo Baggin’s birthdays? Back in 1978, September 22 was named Hobbit Day in honor of Middle Earth’s two brave little men (and, yes, that really is a thing). To commemorate this special day, we highlighted rock bands that really, really dug J.R.R. Tolkien’s tomes so much that some of their best music was inspired by The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy. Blast these tunes in honor of Bilbo and his boys today.

Led Zeppelin – Ramble On

With lyrics like, “How years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air.

T’was in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair,” there’s no disputing Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” is a love song to Middle Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Rush – Rivendell and The Necromancer

The boys of Rush were definitely bookworms, writing not one but two songs about Middle Earth. Rivendell refers to an Elven city while “The Necromancer” was a reference to The Hobbit.

Which Middle Earth-inspired song is your favorite? Let us know.