He…Could…Go…All…The…Way….To Rock & Brews!

He…Could…Go…All…The…Way….To Rock & Brews!

Here’s the game plan:  A Jumbo Package of high definition flat screens playing all the best college and NFL games all season long, a roster full of your favorite football foods, cooked fresh and guaranteed to keep you in the game for all four quarters, Offense, Defense, Special Teams and a little trickaration to keep you on your toes!

Food And Drink Packages Available At Rock & Brews

Chicken Wings And Fries

The Blitz Package: Get off the ball and get up field! Order a pint, get one of our speciality dog’s.

The Blitz Hot Dog

The Tailgater: You could set up a satellite dish in the parking lot, burn some brats and wait in traffic or you and your team can plant your backfields in our beer garden, order a pitcher of beer and get a free Mowie Wowie or Margherittaville pizza, or upgrade to a large for just $10 bucks!

The Tailgater Pizza

Double Wing Formation: Sixteen wings for $19.95 * Guests may choose two different styles of wings, but must split the order half and half

Double Wing Formation