My Love Is Bigger Than A Cadillac

My Love Is Bigger Than A Cadillac

I tried to show you but you drive me back!

There are some things we tend to obsess over more than others: Sports, rock music and our cars. In fact, most of us are so into our wheels that we’ve come to think of them as part of our family, giving them names and the royal treatment day in and day out.

Since today is officially “Name Your Car Day” (no, we can’t make this stuff up), we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite tunes about our favorite four-wheel friends. From Hot Rods to Corvettes, nothing makes you feel cooler than blasting your favorite song, while you cruise down the highway.Here are some of our favorite car-themed rock songs. Feel free to share your favorites with us.

Low Rider – War

Drive My Car – The Beatles

Hot Rod Honeymoon – Jeff Beck

What’s your cars name?