The Internet Is Better With #Rockandbrews, Jive Turkey Edition

The Internet Is Better With #Rockandbrews, Jive Turkey Edition

These days you don’t have to wait for the tell-all book to come out to see what your favorite rock artists are up to, they dish all their Dirt on social media. In this edition of The Internet’s Better With #RockAndBrews we have Thanksgiving shout-outs, gift ideas and psychedelics.

Come on, it’s now or never. You won’t give love a bad name when you skip the mall this Black Friday and go straight to @BonJovi store.

Picture Of Bon Jovi Twitter

@BillyJoel gives a moving tribute to Paris during his Madison Square Garden Show.

Billy Joel Giving Tribute To Paris

@TheVinceNeil is leaving on a jet plane for some family time this Thanksgiving.

Vince Neil Post About Heading Home For Thanksgiving

@PearlJam is getting psychedelic…with their poster art…in Columbia.

Pearl Jams Post About Their Poster Art For Their Tour