Rock & Stache – In The Cold Movember Rain…

Rock & Stache – In The Cold Movember Rain…

Are you growing your luscious (mustache) locks out this November? Need a handlebar hero to look up to as you grow out your facial fur? Here’s a gallery of rock artists who took their upper lipholstery to the next level with iconic ‘staches:

A fist pumpin’, stache sporting Freddie Mercury,

Freddy Mercury, New York ’82. Photo by Mark Weiss

How could you keep those evil ways with a smile and a state from Carlos?

Carlos Santana, Sacramento ’81 by Thomas Copi

Beauty ain’t no lie Frank, not with a stache like that…

Frank Zappa by Richard E. Aaron

Move over rover, let Jimi take over…

Jimi Hendrix by Thomas Copi

Save the best for last, Lemmy

Lemmy by Stephen Strickler