The Internet Is Better With @Rockandbrews

The Internet Is Better With @Rockandbrews

“It’s so easy to be social, it’s so easy to be cool. – Guns N’ Roses, Coma.

Rock stars are known for doing wild things 24/7. Good thing we’ve got social media to capture all the craziness for us! Here’s a little run down of our favorite tweet, grams, snaps and status updates from the past week:

Did @PaulStanleyLive find the missing member of KISS?

Paul's Twitter Post About A Long Tongue Like Gene Simmon's Tongue

@WolfVanHalen makes papa Eddie proud at the Billboard Music Awards

Wolf Van Halen Billboard Insta

Hide your sugar, Europe, @DefLeppard announces summer tour!

Def Leppard's European Tour Annoucment

@MickJagger lets us go behind the scenes at a Stones rehearsal,

Mick Jagger Behind The Scenes

Where’s the bass? Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic helps Duff McKagan cover “Sweet Child O’ Mine” … with an accordion?