It’s A 90’s Birthday Bonanza!

It’s A 90’s Birthday Bonanza!

Two of the ‘90s most influential rock stars are celebrating birthdays this week and we have to admit time is definitely on their side.


First up, proving he’s really not a loser, baby, is Beck, who turned 45 on July 8. The poster boy for ‘90s indie rock, proved he still has it winning “Album of the Year” at this year’s Grammy Awards – leading to a very public meltdown by Kanye West.

Courtney Love

Next up is the queen of grunge: Courtney Love. Comfortable in her celebrity skin as much as she is in her birthday suit, Love is no stranger to the spotlight. Unabashed, unfiltered and pure rock and roll, the woman who stole Kurt Cobain’s heart (and kept his ashes) turns 51 on July 9. Love her or hate her, you can’t deny the mark she left on rock history.