Hot Dog! It’s National Weiner Day!

Hot Dog! It’s National Weiner Day!

These are clapping dogs, rhythmic dogs

Harmonic dogs, house dogs, street dogs

Dog of the world unite

– George Clinton, Atomic Dogs

Chicago Hot Dog

Some might argue hot dogs are more American than apple pie. You can grill them, boil them and dress them up or strip them down, but no matter how you swallow it, this American staple is de-dog-licious!

Big Cup Of Beer

At Rock & Brews we know a good dog when we see one and that’s why we’ve been inspired by a town that gets weiners right: Chicago.

A Rock & Brews Waitress With Two Cute Dogs

Come in today – and bring your four-legged friend along with you — and sink your teeth into our giant all beef Chicago Dog. Nestled in a sesame seed roll, this diamond dog is topped off with onion, mustard, relish, pickles, tomato and hot peppers. If these are the dog days of summer, we hope they never end!