Super Sunday At Rock & Brews

Super Sunday At Rock & Brews

With Super Bowl Sunday rounding the corner, the perennial hype about the half-time show is stirring on the web. Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the game or—in many cases—to harshly critique the comedic value of the beer commercials, you will likely experience the same half-time anticipation shared by so many fans who watch America’s biggest TV event.

In recent years, the half-time show has been one unprecedented spectacle after another, with enough pyrotechnics and laser lights to quite literally cause a stadium-wide blackout (e.g. Beyonce’s half-time show, Super Bowl 2013). Katy Perry, no stranger to extravagant showmanship, will be taking center stage this year, and the pop icon will no doubt entertain, captivate, and—perhaps—shock spectators.

Paul And Gene Giving A Thumbs Up In Rock & Brews

Instead of putting forth our own half-time forecast, we at Rock & Brews would like to nostalgically tip our hats to a few of the finest Super Bowl performances of the past, featuring some of the greatest artists in rock & roll. And when it comes to a half-time show of epic proportions, one can’t help but remember U2’s performance during Super Bowl 2002. The Irish rockers opened their set with Bono casually gliding through a tight crowd of adoring fans like a true rock maverick, parting a sea of hysteria to step on stage and launch into the colossal chorus of “Beautiful Day”—and a beautiful day it was.

KISS Playing Football

And then there was Super Bowl 2005, with the legendary Paul McCartney, who performed several Beatles’ and Wings’ classics. When an entire stadium of football-crazed fans jump to their feet and roar to the sound of the 60’s, we can rest assured that rock & roll classics can still pack the same old punch they did during their time.

And though we reverently salute the unforgettable half-time performances of rock legends like Aerosmith, Slash, and Tom Petty, amongst others, we welcome pop-fans, rock-fans, and football-fans alike to join us at Rock & Brews this Super Bowl to cheer on Katy Perry and root for your team. With countless craft beers on tap, artisan pizzas, irresistible wings, and other American classics, why settle for microwavable finger foods and the same old case of beer from last year? See you tomorrow—bring your game faces!