If Dogs Run Free...

If Dogs Run Free...

In harmony with cosmic sea, true love needs no company. It can cure the soul, it can make it whole, if dogs run free. – Bob Dylan

The Family Dog is always welcome at Rock & Brews and these artists may be badasses on stage, but when they’re alone with their pooches they’re total softies. Musicians love their mutts so much they can’t stop posting pictures of them all over Instagam and Twitter:

Dog days.

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OMG 👀 #MeetWallE @HarajukuWorld @Petco 😎❤️🐶

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Picture with my beautiful girl Violet ♥

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Obsessed with your four-legged friend? Bring them with you next time you’re craving some Rock & Brews. All of our restaurants believe man and his best friend should enjoy a rockin’ meal together.