Happy Birthday James, Louis & Adam

Happy Birthday James, Louis & Adam

What do Metallica’s James Hetfield, Louis Armstrong and Beastie Boy singer Adam Yauch have in common? They all have birthdays this week. All three of them also pushed the boundaries in their respected genres and made us rethink how we listen to music.

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Happy birthday, boys!

James Hetfield

James Hetfield doing what he does best back in 1987.

The sandman hasn’t come for Metallica front man James Hetfield just yet. In fact, the heavy metal pioneer shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He ushered in his 51st birthday on August 3.

Louis Armstrong

Don’t sweat about being another year older, Louis!

The late, great Louis Armstrong would have been 114 on August 4. The prolific trumpeter and singer is known as the father of jazz and his music continues to influence artists today.

Adam Yauch Takes A Break From Sabotaging The Stage Back In 1987

Adam Yauch takes a break from sabotaging the stage back in 1987

On August 5, we remember Beastie Boy Adam Yauch who would have turned 51 on this day. The groundbreaking rapper sadly died in 2012 after battling cancer.