Crazy Moments In Rock History - Presented By Rock Paper Photo

Crazy Moments In Rock History - Presented By Rock Paper Photo

If it’s illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail!” –Kurt Cobain

Rock and roll has always been about pushing the limits of what society thinks is acceptable. Whether it’s shocking people onstage with their wild antics or living a life of excess, rock stars have never been known for being prim and proper – we’ll leave that to the folk singers.

Check out a few of our favorite stories of chaos and craziness, drink them in and then head to where you can own the moment with great photographs by music’s most legendary lensmen and women.

1. Kurt Cobain’s Stage Dive Gone Wrong

During an early gig in Texas Kurt Cobain got punched by an unlikely source: the security guard who was supposed to protect him! The incident went down after Kurt took a dive into the audience. Good thing his Nirvana band mates were there to keep the peace and they finished the show. Check out the craziness in the video below.

2. Ozzy Osbourne and the Bat…

By now Ozzy and the bat have become a part of rock lore. During a live show In Des Moines, Iowa, back in 1982, Ozzy bit the head off a live bat, thinking it was actually a plastic prop. After the show he went straight to the hospital for rabies shots.

3. Rage Against The Bizkit

After losing “Best Rock Video” to Limp Bizkit back in 2000, Rage Against the Machine’s bassist Tim Commerford showed his dislike by climbing the set and refusing to come down. He spent the night in the slammer for being such a sore loser.

4. All of Woodstock ‘99

It wasn’t quite the peace and love fest from the ‘60s. Woodstock ’99 has gone down in history as one of the craziest festivals ever. Lack of water, extreme heat and large crowds factored into the craziness, which came to a head during the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s set. While the band rocked out to “Fire,” by Jimi Hendrix, the crowd rocked out in their own way – setting fire to tents, vehicles and anything else that would burn.

Chili Peppers looking like a band of merry pranksters in Steven Stickler’s photo in the Hollywood Hills in 1999

What do you think is the craziest moment in rock history? Let us know and it might be featured in an upcoming blog post…