We Were Made For Lovin’ Brew – All Weekend Long!

We Were Made For Lovin’ Brew – All Weekend Long!

Where does the beer go? How many taps can we fit? What kind of temperature control system do we need?

These are some of the first questions we ask when drawing up the blueprints for a new Rock & Brews. Beer is in our DNA and we’re meticulous about every detail that goes into the beer experience at Rock & Brews.

Beer Taps and Refinery at Rock & Brews

A properly poured beer is a thing of beauty and a couple of you have captured some brew-tiful moments on social media – So, without further ado, let us recognize a few Roadies who Were Made For Lovin’ Brew!

Wish You Were Beer, a fish-eye’s view of a brew standing tall against the The Great Wall of Rock By Instagrammer, @itsjstonez…

Beer in a Wine Glass

We’re Just Two Lost Soul’s Swimming In A Fish Bowl, Beer After Beer.

@Apettit26 puts a slice of vitamin C in her vitamin B…

Two Glasses of Beer

John Lennon and Paul McCartney singing words of wisdom and @deosmellgood says: Let it Be(er)

Guests Drinking Beer at Rock and Brews

The internet is better with #Rockandbrews, so keep tagging your photos and we’ll repost our favorites. Always drink responsibly.