The Internet Is Better With @Rockandbrews!

The Internet Is Better With @Rockandbrews!

Like a great concert, the Rock & Brews experience is one of a kind and we love seeing our fans’ show it on social media! Here are a few of our recent favorites:

From El Segundo’s Garden on Main….

Cacie tweeted: Had the best lunch today! @RockAndBrews

To the big house on the prairie in Kansas City….

@Indykissfan Tweets: Just closed down @Rockandbrews Overland Park with Lauren serving great food and beer!

To the beer garden by the beach in Los Cabos…

@Garycwarren tweets: @PaulStanleyLive I HAD to visit @Rockandbrews when I was in Cabo on my honeymoon!

To our airport outpost at LAX…

Waiting for my flight to Maui…watching some bball and enjoying a cold beer! @Rockandbrews

And they’re always rock’n in Redondo…

@rastafari26 Enjoying a brew with my pops…if ur ever in Redondo come check out Rock and Brews…

To the party in Paia…

@abird808 Saturdays shenanigas #babybeach #rockandbrews #jacksonchameleon #beachdaze #thankgodforsunshine

Show us how you keep on rocking in the free world!