Rock & Brews Albuquerque Announced!

Rock & Brews Albuquerque Announced!

One good Rock & Brew deserves another and fresh off our latest Midwestern tour stop we’re announcing yet another member to our growing family: Rock & Brews Albuquerque!

Owners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley took to social media yesterday to announce that Rock & Brews will be expanding to New Mexico in 2014!

KISS Members To Open At Rock & Brews in Duck City

Over 6,000 square feet dedicated to craft brew and classic rock is being designed and built to honor the unique local character of Albuquerque. Our first location in the Southwest is going to come with all of our signature features including the Great Wall Of Rock, Backstage Beer Garden layout which will be specially arranged for families, kids and dogs.

Long live Rock in Duke City!

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