Summer Slump-Buster! Baseball At Rock & Brews

Summer Slump-Buster! Baseball At Rock & Brews

Put us in coach, we can be center field!

With A combination of community beer garden style seating and traditional table, high top and booths, Rock & Brews is like a great baseball stadium where every seat has a great view of the action.

Full House At Rock & Brews

If there were anything that replaces an actual ball park experience it would be catching a game at Rock & Brews. Our triple play consists of delicious and health conscious American comfort food, a rock themed atmosphere and a huge selection of craft beer.

Chicago Hotdog With Fries and Beer

Our Chicago Dog is one of our ballpark favorites in an all star lineup that also features juicy burgers, wings, pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

John Fogerty’s Centerfield is a quintessential summer baseball song and leads our playlists of summer and baseball themed classic rock music. Seasonal playlists and music videos along with decorative concert art and posters keep your senses in the game and make for a fun environment where action on the field will be punctuated with a great song or exciting video that will get you going!

Rock & Brews restaurants are set in great baseball towns like Southern California and Kansas City, watch your next game with us!

Friends Spending Time With Each Other While Hugging His Dog