Music Videos: From MTV To YouTube To Rock & Brews!

Music Videos: From MTV To YouTube To Rock & Brews!

According to Wikipedia the origin of music videos can be dated back to before the turn of the century however, the modern era coincides, surprise surprise, with MTV’s rise in popularity.

MTV Music Television

According to Wikipedia: The MTV logo was designed in 1981 by Manhattan Design, a collective formed by Frank Olinsky, Pat Gorman and Patty Rogoff, under the guidance of MTV’s original creative director, Fred Seibert. The ‘M’ was sketched by Rogoff, with the ‘TV’ spray painted by Olinksky.

What began as a method for artists to promote and market their music became an art form of it’s own starting in 1981 when MTV launched and thrust twenty four hour a day music on video programming in to the mainstream.

MTV Music Television

MTV became a powerful source of distribution for artists’ music across many genres, visually symbolized by the ever changing logo which would morph to represent tours, albums, politics, artists and unique themes.

YouTube Logo

And today the torch has been passed to Youtube and social media where the music video has a bright and exciting future!

Man and Woman, Sticking Their Tongue Out While Rockin Out

Experience music videos in a whole new way at Rock & Brews; Our beer gardens are packed with high definition flat screen TV’s and state of the art sounds systems playing a curated selection of videos from all eras of rock.

Rock & Brews at LAX Terminal

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