Happy Anniversary Woodstock Festival!

Happy Anniversary Woodstock Festival!

45 Years ago today the Woodstock Music Festival began

Old Picture Of A Man Playing His Guitar While Sitting On His Trunk In Traffic

From Woodstock.com: Festival goers are waiting in line to get in. An anticipated crowd of 150,000 is now nearly 500,000. Traffic is a complete stand still, and many have abandoned their cars and set out on foot towards the festival grounds. Reports claim that some people waited in traffic for as long as 2 days.

Three days of Peace and Music in upstate New York that would define a generation and ultimately become the inspiration for the modern music festival,

3 Days of Peace & Music

The original iconic concert poster.

Experience Woodstock at Rock & Brews with great concert art by the festivals most memorable artists along with themed playlists and inspired menu items.

Woodstock Chopped Salad

The Woodstock Chopped Salad: Romaine Hearts, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Candied Walnuts, Sweet Grape Tomatoes, Point Reyes Blue Cheese Dressing.