Preview Of Opening Day Menu At Overland Park

Preview Of Opening Day Menu At Overland Park

Like any great artist we know when to play the hits, when to reach back in the catalog for a deep cut, and went to bust out with a cover or drop an original. And next week we’re opening with the classics!

Here’s a little preview of what your taste buds can expect: Check back on our Menu page for the complete list of opening day favorites!

No way, no how we would open our doors with out wings! No wings, no Rock & Brews, plain and simple. Available from day one in our signature styles.

R&B Chicken Wings

Let us Take You Down Because We’re Going to Strawberry Fields where the garden veggies and fresh greens will taste so good you’ll feel like Nothing Is Real and there will certainly be nothing to get hung up about it with any of our great salads.

Strawberry Fields Salad

The Ultimate Burger, enough said!

R&B Burger and Fries

Mötley Crue, Ozzy, Guns N’ Roses, they all lived the infamous Decade Of Decadence and you can too with Desserts like the Purple Rain Drops. Yep, those are fried Beinget style doughnuts with a side of frosting and we’re proud of it!

Fried Beinget Style Doughnuts With A Side of Frosting